Dr. Ivy Sun & Her Story


  • Dr. Ivy Deyu Sun has over 45 years of experience in practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine. Born and raised in a family that had been practicing traditional Chinese medicine for generations, she showed a great interest in traditional medicine and herbal remedies at an early age. Her favorite after-school pastime was to hang out at her grandfather’s clinic listening to him talking to his patients and watching him preparing herbal remedies.  When she was 12 years old, she started to learn about herbs, traditional remedies and diagnostic methods under the guidance of her beloved grandfather, who tragically died at the age of 105 years due to the brutal beating and torturing by the revolutionary red guards during the Cultural Revolution in China. She continued to receive training with her father and uncle, who were both doctors. Over the period of time, she read and studied a series of ancient books on traditional Chinese medicine and herbs including Huang Di Nei Jing (Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor)-an ancient Chinese medical text that has been treated as the fundamental doctrinal source for Chinese medicine since 2000 BC, Shang Han Lun (Treatise on Exogenous Febrile Disease)-the first clinical medical book of exterior diseases in TCM history, by Zhang Zhongjing (about 150 or 154 to 215 or 219) (10 Volumes), Ben Cao Gang Mu (Compendium of Materia Medica) - a Chinese herbology volume written by Li Shizhen (1518-1593), Ben Cao Bei Yao (Main Points for Materia Medica Usage) by Wang Ang , published in 1694, (8 Volumes), Ben Cao Chong Xin (New Compilation of Materia Medica) by Wu Yiluo in 1757 (18 Volumes), and Ben Cao Gang Mu Shi Yi (A Supplement to the Compendium of Materia Medica) by Zhao Xuemin(1719-1805).

Medical Career


  • She graduated from the prestigious Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine University and started her medical career as a TCM doctor in a remote mountainous region. In those days, the peasants in the region were in extreme poverty and most of them couldn’t afford medicine. One cold winter night, decades ago, Dr. Sun was on her night shift at the clinic of the commune. She heard a weeping and begging voice from outside. As she opened the door, a crying boy was at the door way. He came up to her and begged: “Doctor, please help! My dad is from extreme abdominal pain and he’s dying…” Following the boy to his home, Dr. Sun found the father was breathing weakly in bed. She learned that he had terminal bladder cancer. He couldn’t afford to receive medical treatment in hospital and just waited to die at home. At that point, he couldn’t urinate and his abdomen swelled like a big drum. She was trying to help but nothing would work. He died. As a young doctor, she felt ashamed that she didn’t have enough expertise to save his life. She was determined that she would devote her life in the research and finding solutions to treat cancer patients by using traditional Chinese medicine. For over a decade, Dr. Sun studied and researched extensively. In 1982, she joined the Cancer Research Center of Beijing TCM University and searched for cancer treatment solutions for three years. Her research work paralleled her clinic work and studies.  Finally she achieved a great success in developing the series of antineoplastic herbal formulas “Ling Cao Bai Xiao Dan” after years of hard work. She became a well-known TCM cancer doctor in China. She has been using the formulas and remedies to treat numerous cancer patients over the last 25 years. As of today, she continues to research while practicing TCM at her clinic. 

  • In the late 80s, AIDS started to spread in some rural areas in China. In 1990, she was included in the medical specialist group organized by China Academy of Traditional Chines Medicine and dispatched by the State Administration of Traditional Medicine of China to the Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Gansu Province, where she participated in the AIDS clinical case studies and development of herbal medicines to fight AIDS. During her research in this project, she worked with a group of medical scientists and modern-medicine doctors. Over a period of eight years, she had been involved in the studies of nearly a thousand clinical cases. She was able to collect the complete medical records of the cases and thus had accumulated a large number of clinical data for further study and research. Eventually a Chinese herbal medicine was developed to control and decrease the number of HIV virus in the participating patients. Today the Chinese herbal medicine she and her group developed is still being used in treating AIDS patients.

In the United States


  • In 2001, she chose to immigrate to the United States. She founded Deyu Herbs Study & Research Center and developed a series of herbal supplements based on her medical experience. Meanwhile she received her MD in TCM after her 5-year study at a medical school. She continues her career as a traditional Chinese medicine doctor in California. She diagnoses, prescribes, treats and cures her patients. She is well experienced in her field and has been able to treat and cure numerous terminally ill patients. 

  • More than a decade ago, a small group of patients showed up at her clinic on a usual week day. They were from Little Rock, Arkansas. They were all terminally ill cancer patients, among whom one suffered from Lymphoma, and the other had metastatic breast cancer… As with any patients, Dr. Sun took her time diagnosing each of them and had worked out a treatment plan specifically for each case. Finally each of patients received months of supply of herbal remedies prepared by Dr. Ivy Sun. They left with hope and never returned. Many year later, an elderly man showed up at her clinic, also on a normal week day. No, he was not a patient. He carried with him a good news for Dr. Sun: Those patients from Little Rock were still happily living! This was the best reward to a doctor. Soon after she was invited to Little Rock for a series of seminars involving traditional Chinese medicine. This was undoubtedly a milestone in her medical career in the United States. Today, Dr. Ivy Sun has contributed her formulas of her years’ research, study and experience, to a few noted charities and foundations, to produce nutritional supplements for cancer patients and HIV virus infected patients in need.

  • In her 70s now, Dr. Sun still does her clinical work and often visits her patients. If anyone out there needs her help, send her a line to her WeChat. Her QR Code is posted above.